• Welcome to the White Eagle Lodge site for Australia.


Membership of the White Eagle Lodge is open to everyone. Becoming a member is a
way of saying ‘I feel in harmony with White Eagle’s work I would like to join in spiritual service in whatever way feels right to me’. Members in the Lodge form an open community of spirit on the inner planes which strengthens our ability to give service, and can be very nurturing.

Membership benefits you by becoming part of a ‘golden chain of servers’ knowing that you are positively helping areas of need in the world; by giving you the opportunity to participate in the healing work; the opportunity to study the Inner Explorer courses available; receive a discount on Retreats and occasionally receive discounts on White Eagle publications.


The spreading of White Eagle’s loving philosophy of life and his vision of ‘unfolding the great white carpet of peace’ in the world.

  •  Lodges and groups throughout the Australia and New Zealand, which are oases of peace and gentleness in a fast, busy world.
  •  The Lodge’s healing work in the community; we average over 300 patients on absent healing lists each year, and on an average 600 patients receive contact healing treatment per year at the Lodge alone.
  •  The many other aspects of White Eagle’s work, including that with families and children.


  •  The opportunity of closer involvement in White Eagle’s work, and his re-expression of the Ancient Wisdom, including eligibility for various training courses and activities at the Temple, Maleny, Queensland
  •  Regular communications to all members including a welcome pack of information, and newsletters throughout the year.
  •  Support and encouragement in your own spiritual life and unfoldment.
  •  The possibility to link (in as great or as little a way as you wish) with a friendly community worldwide.
  •  Discount on Retreats at the Star Retreat Centre, Maleny

I should like to support White Eagle’s work, and link more closely with the Lodge through becoming a Member.
We would be pleased to receive a short personal letter with your application for membership as we value this personal contact; however, this is entirely optional. Subscriptions fall due for renewal each January

Membership Application Form

    Please tick here if we may give your name to other members in your area if asked.

If you were able to make your subscription for a larger amount, this would be 
warmly appreciated, or if you would like to be a member and can’t afford the fee don’t let that stop you please write to us.