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Requesting Healing Prayers

Absent/Distant healing through prayer is given by members of the Lodge who work alone or in groups. This healing work forms a network of light and healing throughout the world. Experience as an absent healer is the foundation for a specialised training in ‘hands on’ healing.

All healing is helpful. Even if it appears that little on the outer level has changed, the
inner self is always harmonized, strengthened and comforted. If you request healing on behalf of another, when possible please ask their permission. Spiritual healing must be acceptable and in accordance with the religious and spiritual beliefs of each person.

If you would like healing for yourself, for someone else (with their permission) or for your animal please complete the online form.

Requesting Healing Prayers
•    For yourself or a friend
•    For animals

Application Form
“I should like to receive healing prayers from the White Eagle Lodge healers.  I understand that this in no way conflicts with, nor takes the place of normal medical treatment, and I am advised to seek medical diagnosis for symptoms which trouble me.  I realise that spiritual healing, by helping me to touch the Divine Life Source, can bring harmony and peace to my soul, and also stimulate the natural healing forces of the body.”

For Immediate and Short Term Healing Prayers (i.e 5 days Conditions such as exams, interviews, operations)

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For Long Term Healing Prayers (i.e. life threatening illness, depression, medical conditions, spiritual support)

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If you are requesting healing for someone else please respect their personal convictions and obtain their consent to this spiritual healing.

Your Name – If you are requesting healing for someone else or an animal and what type of animal it is.

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