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2019 Calendar – 3 copies




In our 2019 calendar, we share the White Eagle teaching

on The Gift Of Healing

Our White Eagle healing work is based on the spiritual use of colour and so for this calendar the images for the months illustrate the colours of the spectrum.  White Eagle said: “We remind you that within you is the golden light, the Christ Light, and only you can release this radiation from within your own centre, your own sun.  Try to realise that your heart centre is the same golden blazing sun as the one you contemplate in your aspiration……”

The Calendar is designed to be a companion in the home or workplace, so it is spiral-bound to be hung and has a cardboard backing so it can also be placed on a desk or table.

1 copy $15 incl. postage,

3 copies $40 incl. postage,

6 copies $75 incl. postage




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